The Chrysalids Character Analysis Essay

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In the book The Chrysalids, written by John Windham, one achieves personal happiness by being true to oneself. David Strorm, the main character, expresses this by changing his views on his powers, standing up for Sophie and by running away to Zealand so he can be who he wants to be.
David’s first way of being true to himself is by thinking of his powers as something good rather than a burden. When David is scared of people finding out about his powers, he prays to God to take it away from him. His Uncle Axel scolds him saying, “’To pray God to take it away is wrong; it’s like asking Him to strike you blind, or make you deaf.’” (Pg. 80) Uncle Axel understands that this is an amazing power given to David for a reason, and wants him to accept himself
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Joseph Strorm (David’s dad) and the inspector question David about Sophie but he reveals nothing. His father tells him to go to his room and David narrates, “I set my jaw and turned to go. My father followed, picking up a whip…” (Pg. 51) David knows Sophie is his friend. Even though he knows he will get a beating if he does not tell on Sophie, he believes it is wrong to give her up and resists against his father. David understands that he should stand up for his own opinion, even when his own family tries to get him to give up.
David runs away to Zealand with his friends so they can truly be themselves. He faces many hardships but he eventually gets to the helicopter to go to Zealand, where David asks about a buzzing noise he hears. Rosalind replies, “‘Can’t you guess David? It’s people. Lots and lots of our kind of people.’” (Pg.200) David finally finds happiness by reaching Zealand, where everybody strives to be telepathic. He can now fit in with the community of Zealand where everybody wants to be like David. He has achieved personal happiness because now, he can be true to himself without any fear or
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