The Chrysalids Character Analysis

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In the novel, The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham, Michael, one of the central characters, demonstrates character traits of a hero and leadership qualities. He is considered a blasphemy in his community because he is telepathic; however, no one knows of his telepathy, except his telepathic group, since on the outside, he looks completely normal. Michael is originally from Waknuk, a religious community where people strictly believe in the true image of God, and later goes to a different school in Kentak. As the novel progresses, he becomes a hero to his community, friends, and to the people who matter to him. He is willing to risk his life that made it possible for him to rescue and guide his friends escaping from the persecution in Waknuk. Moreover, he sacrifices his freedom to return back to Waknuk to be with Rachel. Michael is determined to follow and help his friends as they escape, and he shows great heroism by being smart, brave, and selfless. Michael is a hero because he is smart and the most decisive person among the telepathic group. Firstly, in chapter 8, his parents are not satisfied with the education in Waknuk and they have decided to send him to a school in Kentak; there he learns new things that the rest of the group does not. He is able to share and discuss what is being taught to him in his school to his telepathic group through thought shapes. According to David, “It was a great satisfaction to learn and know more, it helped to ease one over a lot of puzzling
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