The Cinderella Games By Kelly Link: Literary Analysis

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Kelly Link’s “The Cinderella Games” is different from other fairy tales referenced in the story because “The Cinderella Game” has an untold story inside. Link presented the story as a fairytale but as the story went on she gave the story a dark and twisted message. Even though, “The Cinderella Games” has multiple references to classical fairytales, according to Bettelheim it is not considered a fairytale due to the fact that it is missing a fairytale ending and a sense of fantasy. In normal fairytales, there is just a princess and prince and they all live happily ever after together but that is not the case in this story. “The Cinderella Games” are about a blended family with two children, 12y.o. Peter and 8y.o. Darcy. During their parent's date night, the babysitter is called to the hospital for a family emergency, Peter and…show more content…
An example would be at the beginning of the story, Peter defies his step-father by going inside the forbidden room to watch a scary, werewolf movie. This shows you could connect the werewolf movie to “Little Red Riding Hood”, Kelly Link mentions that Peter feels a “low, wild, wolfish delight rise up in him”. Peter also makes a reference to “The Three Little Pigs” then he says he “would like to blow his house down”. Peter shows multiple times that he hates his family and he wishes they weren’t together. Another example would be when Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” gave up her voice for legs, a connection that could be made is when Darcy gave up her money to get Peter to play with her. This shows they are both willing to make sacrifices in order to get what they want. “The Cinderella Games” would not be considered a classic fairytale, instead it would be considered a modern fairytale. In “The Cinderella Games”, Kelly Link proposes that the characters have lots of hatred towards each other and want to break up their family. This is
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