Reflection On Cinderella

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Cinderella. Books. Movies. Songs. Theme parks. Stores. I’ve seen them all. It is safe to say that when I was little, The Cinderella Story was my obssession. The guilty one for it? My grandmother. She made sure that I knew, by heart, all the Disney stories, because she loved them, which meant that I had to love them too. And I did, but Cinderella was my absolute favorite. So, I made her tell me the Cinderella Story almost every night (now, that I think about it, my grandmother probably got sick of it pretty fast), and I knew every version of the story, even the Grimm Brothers’ one: “Cut a piece off your heel”, my grandma used to say loudly and clearly, while immitating the stepmother. I always managed somehow to identify myself with the characters, with their emotions, the passion that guided them through life, the challenges they faced at every step, the sadness of their thoughts, or the happiness in their eyes.

However, I was nothing like Cinderella. My familly loved me, and if you ask anyone who knows me, my childhood was pretty much perfect, or at least close to it. When I was little, all my friends sustained a never-ending theory which claimed that I was essentially raised like a princess, and that I didn 't really know what "life was
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that is the whole plot of the story) that I want to write about: the marriage scene. I believe that marriage shouldn’t be the most important moment, even though, in the Disney stories, especially Cinderella, marriage is the ultimate target. Personally, I think that there are so many more things that are way wonderful than marriage. Don’t get me wrong. It is an important and magical step, that I would love to take in the future, but I believe that these stories should also teach those little girls (since they are so mesmerized by the princesses) that there are so many different things they can accomplish by themsleves, things that are just as amazing as the prince
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