The Circle Movie Analysis

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II. Summary
In the film The Circle, the main discussion is on privacy and how having every aspect of your life on camera disrupts your right to privacy. In the film, each citizen can be found anywhere in the world, by either cameras planted by the company or other citizens that have the Circle’s products. The movie mention that the company has the ability to track anyone, in where they present it as a good tool that could stop criminals and those who are to do harm. In other words, the right to privacy get taken into a shelf in this adaptation. This movie portrays what would happen if privacy comes to end.
III. Discussion
While watching the movie I noticed how the amount of privacy, we received is that which we fight for. The majority of the citizens were fine with having their lives all over the internet and being recorded. In the end, three characters weren’t able to deal with the lack of privacy and how intrusive the company and everyone else was being. The Circle company’s products allowed citizens to be extremely intrusive on people’s lives since nothing was private. Mae, the main character, decided to be fully transparent and record her life, but she didn’t take into
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Some people don’t want to have their information to be public, thus are having their right of privacy violated. Also, when the Circle has cameras everywhere and can track anyone there is a social and economic inequality. By economic reasons, not all people can’t afford the Circle’s products yet, may still have their information out in the opened thanks to neighbors, family member and friends that are okay with having no privacy in their lives. As a result of the above argument, Rawls’s Theory of Justice does not support having cameras everywhere. The act is
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