The Circuit Film Analysis

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Education is a privilege. It is what parents pack up and move half way across the world for. They want nothing but the best for their children, and through experience they know how important education really is. The articles, “The Circuit”, “Hecho en América” and the movie “A Better Life”, all relate through the undeniable bond between father and son and the urge to strive, through education. The ongoing theme of education is shown throughout all three sources in similar ways. In the article, “The Circuit”, Jiménez portrays the struggles that Papà faces due to lack of education. Papà tries to instill how important education is towards his son, simply due to the fear of his son ending up like him. In contrast, his son does not seem to comprehend why education is so vital, to having a better life, “I wished I were with Papà and Roberto picking…show more content…
In the article, “Hecho en América”, Laskas illustrates the desperation Urbano has for his sons, Pedro and Juan, to go to school and get an education, “I make the decisions, Urbano said, you have to go to school”, Urbano wishes a better life for his sons, not like the one he lives now. Pedro and Juan seem to disagree with their father, both boys are confident that neither of them need education, they will both work on the farms with their father, “We’re not kidding dad, Pedro said, we are not going”, what they fail to realize is that education is the key to everything and will open many doors for them. In the movie, “A better Life”, Carlos is determined to make his business successful, so that he may send Luis to a better school in a better neighbourhood. Carlos knows what the life of a non-educated man is like and he does not want that for Luis, he wants Luis to strive to do the best that he can, “This country is a land of dreams. It can be a hard place, a cruel
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