The City Of Ladies Analysis

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More than six hundred years later the same issues of inequality and misogyny are still present in our society. The movement to fight against anti-feminism is not new. Thus, it only proves that the discrimination of women is more than centuries old. Written in 1405, The City Of Ladies is an allegorical story in response to the attack of men against women. Christine De Pizan highlights how a women are capable of good and moral character despite to the contrary of what male philosopher claimed to believe. The writer utilizes theme, imagery, and personification in order to defend the female sex. To explicate, Christine De Pizan main purpose is to respond to the recurrent theme of defamation done by male writers. She addresses misogyny as…show more content…
Equally important is personification which is used to showcase the different virtuous that must exist upon women. Each goddess is the representation of the moral standards that women must live by. It is no coincidence that De Pizan has decided to name her goddess Justice, Reason, and Rectitude. The City Of Ladies is dedicated to Virgin Mary not an easy women to imitate, but De Pizan argues that in order to be part of the city a women must protect her virtuous. Although De Pizan strongly believes that a woman is capable of anything she emphasizes on encouraging women to protect their reputation and staying away from anything that might harm their character or reputation. This meant staying pure, and untilted by the lies of men. For example De pizan writes, “Women who do not act like this are going against their own nature” (789). In addition Lady Reason, Lady Justice, and Lady Rectitude carry with them symbolic artifacts that are used to support the idea of a good moral character. Lady Reason carries with her a mirror that represents clarity. De Pizan must see things as they are, and with logic not as how people claim they might be. For instance Lady Reason states, “Believe me, despite what you’ve read in books,you’ve never seen such a thing, because it’s all pack of outrageous lies” (785). Lady Justice is presented with a container of gold given for rewards to those who have remained loyal, and righteous. Not to mention, Lady Rectitude who holds the rule that separates right from wrong, in other words good from evil. Each tool is used to represent what was expected of women as well as to help build the kingdom of women. In the same manner, The goddess are the personification of wisdom, morality, and good behavior. There is a reason why the title explicitly states “Ladies” and not women. The kingdom would only be open to ladies who have maintain a moral character. De Pizan clearly states that a women must be wise, moral, and show good behavior.
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