The Civil Rights Movement: A Personal Analysis

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once quoted, “ Life 's most persistent and urgent question is, “ What are you doing for others?’” This powerful quote is often misinterpreted by many people. American citizens failed to realize “doing for other” is not about who can write the biggest check or who can make the highest donation; however, it is the impact or positive changes, through your services, made on others lives. Dr. King believed we all have that sense of connection to our community where it is our responsibility, as citizens, to give back. He devoted his time to help many people in his community in which led him to become a social activist and leader of The Civil Rights Movement. With this, he helped blacks stand up against violence, and became…show more content…
My passion for health and helping others had pushed me to volunteer at Moundville Health and Rehab which is my town’s local nursing home. This is where I have been volunteering my services for the past year, and I have obtained over one hundred hours of community service hours. Volunteering has helped stimulate my own mind and showed me there is so much more to life with so many missed opportunities. The impacts I have observed first hand was very life changing. This experience has given me hands-on training while assisting residents with fun activities such as sing-alongs, board games, crazy ball, and other daily functions. Devoting my time to assist in these three activities has not only changed my life for the better but it has also made an impact on the people around…show more content…
One special moment I have experienced while volunteering here is when a group called Music with Sound of Joy came and perform with us. This group consisted of adults who are living with Down Syndrome. This is a lifelong condition where a person is born with distinct physical features and intellectual disability. This disease is not curable and can have effects on a person 's speech. When they came to perform for us most had been also suffering from speech and language impairments; however, through their performance, they never stopped and tried their best to make it the greatest performance ever. Some selections they were sung were “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Gordon,” Do Wah Diddy” by Manfred Mann, “Shout(You Make Me Wanna)” by The Isley Brothers, and “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson five. Their performance broadens my view on so many things. Also, it made me realize that no matter the condition you are facing or things you are currently going through you can always bring joy to make a difference in someone 's
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