The Civil Rights Movement Affected Mora Summary

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What influences the work that authors write? This may be a simple question but in reality there are many answers to this question like; Family and friends, community, social media, the environment and many other things. But the most important of all is the historical events that may be happening during the writers’ time. These events influence the viewpoints of the authors and what they decide to write about. For example, writers in the civil rights movement write about regression and human rights being violated compared to those authors who came after the civil rights movements talk about more freedom and human rights finally being acknowledged. These historical events that occurred during the authors’ time are significant to the readers of the authors because it allows the reader to interpret the work the way it was supposed to be, and understand what the writers in trying to explain through his or her…show more content…
In her books she focuses on how Mexican-Americans have problems adapting to the new American society. (Pat Mora) this is because of the hardship that was put upon them by Americans because they were Mexican. During this time of the movements and segregation there was a spike in the creation of literature that was mostly about cultural expression. In her works mora often talks about what the Mexican- Americans had to do in order for them to fit in and not be different. During the movements there was often violence put on people who went against the ways of the time. Children had a hard time making friends and adapting to the new society because the other children didn’t want to be friends with someone who was considered different from them. In her poem “immigrants” mora talks about what the parents of children who immigrated from somewhere else to America had to do for their children to fit in. In her poem Mora

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