The Civil Rights Movement And The Black Power Movement

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Following the economically successful post-WWII period, the 1960s decade was characterized by the upheaval of American norms at the time. No longer would various groups of people conform to the legislation and social norms of the United States. The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement best illustrated this resistance against the status quo. Although these movements were made up of similar people, their tactics were immensely different. The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement provided a foundation for student activism on college campuses. The Civil Rights Movement (1950s-1960s) was a movement mainly in the American South, where segregation, discrimination, and injustices against African American communities were prominent. Segregation was one of the main issues that drove the movement and its importance to the movement could be highlighted by the case Brown vs. Board of Education. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against segregated facilities in Brown Vs. Board of Education in 1954 by stating that separate educational facilities for students of color were unconstitutional. The decision to desegregate educational facilities received immediate resistance from the white community. Overall, the decision caused a cascade of action and reaction from the white community and the Civil Rights Movement. Whereas violence against people of color by white Americans was commonplace, the Civil Rights Movement took a higher moral ground. The movement was
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