The Civil Rights Movement In The 1960's

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The Civil Rights Movement was the movement that changed history for the African Americans. They had been struggling for many decades to be able to vote and now they can. They have faced the struggles of being ostracized from society, being sold, born, and forced into slavery. They were not liked well when they were apart of anything dealing with politics. The Civil Rights Movement was a successful movement in terms of helping the African Americans. The Civil Rights Movement helped the African Americans gain their ability to vote, there wasn’t anymore discrimination, and they had equal rights.
In the 1960s many things had happened. John F. Kennedy had become the President of the United States and was assassinated shortly after. Martin Luther
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Rosa Parks was an African American woman who disobeyed an order to give up her seat to a white man on the bus. She would then be dragged off the bus and was fined. This is the first well-known time that a black person had violated the segregation laws. Rosa’s brother had asked Martin Luther King Jr. to help with the boycott. He agreed and then he warned other ministers about the boycott. In December, the boycott officially began. Nobody would ride the buses, but they would stand outside the bus stops and say, “No riders today.” Months later the Supreme Court ruled that segregation was…show more content…
is associated more with the Civil Rights Movement than Malcolm X. Both of them helped with the advancement of the conditions of the African Americans. MLK Jr. had made the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights act, and had his “I Have a Dream” speech. King first started out with the bus boycott. He was elected to lead the boycott because he was young and new to town and nobody knew who he was, so he didn’t have a be reputation with the black community. The boycott went on for 382 days and finally the supreme court lifted the segregated transportation laws. Then they had the sit-ins. King would encourage the kids to continue the nonviolent methods of protest. After his assassination riot broke out and many things were burnt down. To this day Martin Luther King Jr. is the most well-known African American leader of the Civil Rights Movement. Malcolm X was going along with MLK. Malcolm X wanted the movement to be as peaceful as
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