The Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Civil Rights Movement has made quite an impact on our society, but it still hasn’t fully accomplished or solved the problems and tasks that the people supporting the Civil Rights Movement set out to do. While it is true that there are still unfair judgements made among different races, at least the rights in America are equal and go for all races today. Many Americans now have a better understanding on how wrong racism is. Black and white people in America now share the same school, job, sport, etc. with little to no objection. We all get along much better than we used to. Given the sort of peace between the races we have now, it still goes without saying that there is still discrimination among the races. Police brutality still goes on;…show more content…
understood this very well and acted in about the best manner as one could. He was a leader who believed that civil disobedience was the best way to get through and prove themselves equal to us ignorant Americans. MLK and the people that followed him had to be the bigger men and not stoop to the level of the people that ridiculed and attacked them. They didn’t deserve this aggression, or to have to not fight back at all and solve situations in a peaceful manner. Martin Luther King jr. is what it means to be a true hero. He endured all the suffering, pain, and, cruelty yet he never bit back. He always showed remorse and forgiveness to those that treated him with disrespect and humiliation. He stood for peace while others stood for supremacy. That’s why we have a Martin Luther King Jr. day and not a Malcolm X day. People should strive to be more like MLK, only then will we be on track for world peace. Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers succeeded in showing America how to truly stand for freedom, how to truly achieve peace, how to truly be an “American”. Other Blacks like Malcolm X failed to do this, and he is a great example of what not to do. The only thing MLK failed at is living long enough to get his message of equality through everyone’s thick skull who still doesn’t get it. What people need to do now is be like Martin Luther King Jr. and solve situations with peaceful intentions and not with violence. Once people come to understand this and each other is when there will be peace among the
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