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Civil society coexists with the government in the society, some may say that the civil society seems to be an independent government system, some may argue that it is an organization opposing or supporting the government, some may even see it exists as a partner of the government. But in fact, the civil society is an organization interlocking with the government, they are dependency with each another. Therefore, the civil society is linked up with the government by the issues of political, economy, social interactions, ethics and rights. The role and the relationships transform as time passed between the civil society and the government. Their original idea is for setting up a complete policy system, but now, it aims in the development…show more content…
Government normally consists of legislators, administrators and arbitrators. The functions of government are planning and monitoring, delivering service, law-making, enforcement and policy development. The government set the direction for the municipalities through long-term planning, such as financial plans, council plans and other strategic plans in the other words, the government sets the vision for the society. Also, the government legislate and make decisions. The government makes the lass and cover issues including the activities permitted on public land. After the government sets the laws and policies, the government needs to guide the…show more content…
It educates the citizens on their rights and responsibilities which leading to a smooth operation of the government. It provides whatever it could as a dependent of government. It always provides services in order to meet the needs of the society. The civil society provide its device and deliveries services such as fiscal support, legal structure and recognition, in the education aspects, health issues, security concerns and the food supply to the society. For example, for the power and light service, the government give the authorization to the China Light and power company Limited and Hong Kong Electric to provide the lighting service to the society. For the oil and petrol service, as the government do not have this kind of service, the Shell and Esso provide the gasoline services to the society.

All in all, the civil society is a kind of steadiness and correctness in which revolt against self-willed and a severe government. At the same time, it facilitates the government in the form of partnership. Overall, the civil society is an instrument, creating additional pressure on the government and enhancing good governance to the

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