The Civil War: Americans In The 1800's

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Because of the conflicts that were occurring during the 1800’s some races did not feel as if they were Americans. The Civil War began on April 12, 1861, ending April 9, 1865. Since having the right of being an American during the 1800 's, whites felt most in control/most common over different races. . Until this day many citizens still believe that a race is more important than the other. Being classified as an American was a major issue during the 1800’s then it is today. Basically being an American during the Civil War is having the ability to own, work (getting paid a reasonable amount), or being able to go to school. During this era, slaves did not have any of these rights because they were not considered Americans. Slaves were considered property to the “Americans”. Also, if you were not white you were not classified as an American because they believed that they were superior. If you were a slave you was basically property, you were sold and bought various times. During the Civil War these Americans were called Confederates or South. There were eleven confederate states that fought against the Union which was for slavery (“Confederate States of America”). However, the Union was the United States;…show more content…
The ability of being able to vote is a wonderful privilege; voting also gives your vote a say for who is representing our country. Freedom is an excellent opportunity because you are able to choose what you want to say and your religion. These two rights are important to numerous of people because nobody wants to be told what they cannot say or worship. Joining the military is also a joyful experience because you have the choice to fight for your country. Fighting for your country shows that citizens appreciate America and what has done for them. Having an opportunity to apply for jobs, school, and owning a house, car, business, etc.. is a privilege
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