The Civil War: Slavery In Early America

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The Civil War began over the South wanting to withdraw from the North or the Union. The South and North were having several issues with each other and the biggest was slavery and new land ownership. Let’s all be clear on this issue, slavery anywhere in the world, is wrong period, no exceptions and no excuses. But if we look at slavery in early America, we learned that the North and South was the same on the issue, and that issue was racism. There were some northerners that had no issue with slavery, and some southerners had issues with slavery. That is one reason some brothers fought brothers and sons fought fathers and so on. So, the main issue was racism I believe, and that split the people of early America. The political scene was always changing and pre-civil war caused the collapse of the old two party system, and gave birth to the new two party system that we know today as the Republican’s and Democrats. This…show more content…
We must remember slavery came to America, it was not created here, slavery was practiced all over the world and was an acceptable practice then. If someone is born into an environment and raised a certain way, they are more likely to feel that nothing is wrong with their beliefs or actions. That has been proven time and time again. If you look at the white race of early America they felt and were taught, they were superior to other races, but epically the African race. Racism exist in every race or culture there is even today. Not all people of a certain race is racist, but racism exist in every race, period. Look at the news on any given day, and you will see stories of racism even if it is not labeled racism we know it when we see it. Our country has to get over this issue that racism is only practiced with whites against other races, this is just not

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