Ancient Egypt And Timemaps: The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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Ancient Egypt is a civilization("timemaps"). The ancient civilization of Egyptians is what built, and what Ancient Egypt came to be. Civilization is a stage of human development and organization that is considered to be most advanced. Your developing, building things, to its advanced. It 's also used as culture, for civilization. Civilization of Ancient Egypt had begun around 3000 BC ("Timemaps.ancientcivilization"). When the Egyptians started to civilize, they were very successful and have created a numerous amount of things, that have made them known. If the civilization of the Egyptians had never came up to or they have never started civilization, Ancient Egypt and Egypt today wouldn 't be big, or what it has come to today, with all…show more content…
"Egypt is on the African continent, in its northeastern region". Ancient Egypt was a white civilization of European or Asian races rather than being mostly African. ("Africanoriginegypt")

"The civilization of Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest in world history". During 3000 BC, the only other people at that time to have a civilization were the Sumerians, in Mesopotamia. Ancient Egypt was one of the longest lasting civilizations in world history. Ancient Egypt fell between 3000 BC and 1000 BC. Egypt was a powerful Middle Eastern power between 612 and 525 BC. (timemaps)

After the Egyptians had made the civilization of Ancient Egypt, they went on to civilize more things. The ancient civilization of the Egyptians was one of the most significant and well known cultures to ever have existed. This civilization of Egypt has led to making structures of buildings, religion, pyramids, art, and pottery, and much more. ("History: Ancient Egyptian Art for Kids.") Ducksters. Egypt has become famous and known for their civilization as well as the
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Some examples are, the Great Sphinx of Giza and the statues of Ramses II at the Abu Simbel temples. ("Duckster") The Great Sphinx was made out of limestone and is located by the Nile River. It has a face of a man in sand, and the body of a lion which relates to their mythology of human head on an animal’s body. The ancient Egyptians also built pyramids. Egyptians have built pyramids in Giza. Famous pyramids the Egyptians have built, that I will later talk about are the pyramid of Menakure, the pyramid of Khafre, and the great pyramid of Khufu. This is what part of what made Ancient Egypt. It took them a long time to make those
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