The Clash Of Civilizations Summary

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Mr. Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations is a philosophy; that people's cultural and religious individualities will be the upcoming principal source of divergence in the post-Cold War world.
Huntington began his theory by discussing the diverse beliefs about the nature of global politics in the post-Cold War period. Furthermore, he believed that although the age of ideology had ended, the world had relapsed to a customary state of affairs characterized by cultural conflict. In this article, he explored the concept that the primary axis of conflict would be not only cultural but also religious lines; the “fault lines” between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.
Huntington suggests that the concept of diverse cultures, as
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He address’s over various issues such as the fault lines between civilizations, civilization rallying: the kin-country syndrome and the implications for the west however for the sake of this paper I will only highlight a few I find significant; economic regionalism, framing of/by the media, the west vs. the rest, torn countries and finally the Confucian-Islamic connection. As Huntington believed the world will be shaped in large degree by the relationships among 7 or 8 major civilizations (Western, Japanese, Confucian, Islamic, Slavic-Orthodox, Hindu, Latin American and possibly even…show more content…
Therefore, with economic interests at heart, countries will similar cultural or religions opinions are likely to form interlinking agreements; as a result of this a gap will form, marking the boarder to who belongs and who doesn’t. Trade, commerce and environmental policies will all be centered around common religion and civilization and those who form coalitions on the ground of ideology, will be victorious in the future battle.
In his article he states that religion discriminate sharply and exclusively among people. A person can be half German and half Arab and simultaneously even a citizen of two countries. However, It is more difficult to be half catholic and half Muslim, and as demonstrated above he almost foreshadowed the near future of his time.
The rumor that such horror could be fuelled by religious anger sent people rushing back to texts they had once ignored. September 11th did more than send shock waves through the USA; it deranged much of the American public by giving it a heavy does of shell shock; shell shock that left them feeling venerable to attack and
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