The Class System In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is a novel by English writer Charlotte Bronte. It was published on 16 October 1847. It was adapted into a movie by Cary Fukunaga in 2011. Charlotte Bronte uses "Jane Eyre" to criticizes the class system of the Victorian Age in terms of 19th century women, the roles of womanhood, female stereotypes. Due to the fact that Jane has extremely intellectual and polite personality, she did not allow her character to change and bend the class system. Because of being orphan, she was looked down upon by those around. In addition, although Mrs. Reed and Blanch Ingram are egoistic and vicious women, they are highly respected from society, because of social standing. This provides to people question to the class system. Although Jane takes part…show more content…
In the Victorian Era, women are divided into two part, wealthy and poor classes. Because of the class status in the 19th century, marriages did not mix, so wealthy women would marriage with wealthy man. Wealthy women want to marry with wealthy man and take part in their husband's life and interests, like Mrs. Ingram. Generally,wealthy women did not know how to cook or clean properly because their servants took care of the daily chores. They spent their time wandering and reading book instead of doing houseworks. Also, their other tasks consist of learning manners, entertaining guests and visiting friends. We can easily say that, wealthy women had a better social lifestlye. The lifestyle of the poorer class women was completely different. Many poor women were forced to work as servants for the richer families because they both had no money and any rich family. In addition, they spent their time cooking, cleaning, etc. and taking care of the households in the daytime like Mrs. Fairfax. In the book, we can see that these elements, although Jane is a governess, Jane's life was no different from Mrs. Fairfax because governess did not have a very high social status and they were looked down upon by the rich
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