The Classical Model

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GRAMMAR – Latin B (First and Second Semesters), Texts: Henle's First Year Latin, First Year Latin Key, Latin Grammar, Resources: Trivium Tables: Latin and English Grammar, Quizlet, Duolingo, CC Connected At Home Sharing Center

The classical model emphasizes language skills. In this level, students will continue honing the skill of learning a foreign language with an emphasis on memorization of vocabulary, declensions, and conjugations. With time, practice, and self-discipline, Latin students will develop solid study skills that can transfer to other studies.

ENGLISH GRAMMAR - (First and Second Semesters), Text: Classical Conversations Foundations, Resources: CC Connected At Home Sharing Center, Trivium Table and Pinterest

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Students move through the stages of the classical model, from grammar to dialectic to rhetoric, as they classically study the history of science. The depth and breadth of study is driven by each individual’s spirit of inquiry and willingness to seek answers to their questions. In the first semester, students spend ten weeks researching scientists who have left a mark on modern science. The final five weeks of the semester put into practice student’s research skills while practicing the scientific method preparing science fair projects. (Second Semester) Origins allows students ten weeks of reading and discussing the Creation vs. Evolution debate. The last five weeks are devoted to a simple section on chemistry, in which students learn how to use the periodic table and build models of…show more content…
The Kumon Reading Program is an individualized study program designed to improve the students' reading comprehension ability in the English language. It is divided into five learning blocks: the word building block, the sentence building block, the paragraph development block, the summary block, and the critical reading block. Each block has an overall learning goal and builds the necessary foundation for the next learning block. The aim of the Kumon Reading program is to develop students' reading comprehension abilities to a point where they will easily be able to read, understand, summarize and analyze advanced forms of writing from a diversity of
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