The Clemente Family Painting Analysis

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Family Portraits are an important part of personal as well as societal history. Popular today as well as in the past, a keen observer can notice both similarities and differences in portraits throughout time. When placing the portraits The Washington Family and The Clemente Family side by side, the juxtaposition reveals similarities as well as differences. There are several similarities between the two paintings. First of all, both paintings use shading in the same way. A few examples of how they use shading would be how both paintings conceal characters with shading. Like how they both concealed the characters in the upper right hand corner, with shading. Another similarity is how the shaded areas make the highlighted area’s pop out more and make them look more noticeable. For example, both paintings highlight the mothers but, they used shading to make some of the other…show more content…
One difference is in the Clemente painting it is very modern because of the clothing that they wear. For instance, in the Washington painting, it is more old-fashioned because of the clothing and the style of the furniture. However in the Washington Painting, they mostly used warm colors for their clothing and furniture. Another difference in the Clemente painting would be that they don’t use warm colors they, all mainly, wear cool toned colors. In the Clemente painting, the colors set a more somber tone. In contrast the Washington portrait sets a more cheerful tone juxtaposed to the Clemente portrait. Finally, in the Washington portrait everyone’s clothes and furniture are matching which gives the painting a more unison look. However, in the Clemente painting the colors don 't match as much, which makes the painting look divided. Clearly there are stronger similarities in the two paintings. Even though these two paintings have their similarities they are still different and unique in many

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