The Clique By Lisi Harrison

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" The Clique," by Lisi Harrison is based on the life of 4 very wealthy girls and a girl that comes to live in their neighborhood, Claire. Claire is not as wealthy as all the other girls, Massie, Kristen, Dylan and Alicia. Massie 's parent own a guest home and that is where the new girl Claire moves in with her family.
In the book Claire tries so hard to be a part of Massie 's clique, but the girls do not really like her. They are always really rude to her and try and do everything they can to make Claire feel out of place. Claire does many things to try and fit in until she goes way to far and messes Massie 's clique up.
This book really caught my attention because it is so accurate on the way that girls always try and belong to a clique.
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