The Clovers: A Short Story

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There is a girl named Christine. She lives in South California. She plays in the NFL, her team name is The Clovers. One day, Christine was playing in her pre game and she was the one that had to catch the football and make it to the touchdown ,but then a woman ran after her, it was like she was a bull and I was a red little tomato, and then...KA BAM goes Christine’s back.She fell and was just laying there like a sack of potato’s unconscious. There was a big crowd around her.Then she awoke,everyone tried helping her up, but then she said ”No no stop it hurts”, then the coach,Coach Walker asked, ”Are you okay,what hurts?”Then Christine says ” My back, in a soft voice.” And then the Ambulance came and took Christine to the hospital.…show more content…
Then the doctor said, “That is because your back is broken, and you might not be able to play in the NFL amy more”. Christine just looked at her being shocked.The doctor said” you will be fine”. A month has passed and it is time for Christine to go home.Christine did not know what to do, so she was thinking what to do.But then she thought of something, ”maybe I can go out and get myself back into shape”, said Christine in a happy tone. Christine goes to her room and puts on sports wear. She puts on nike shoes, joggers and a tank top, she puts a adidas jacket over her tank top. She is ready to leave she grabs her keys and heads out the door into her beautiful chevrolet corvette. And she is off to the park. 30 minutes has past and she is finally there. She gets out the car and walks to the track. She walks as she is getting out her phone to listen to music, but then all of a sudden a guy comes running into her making her fall. The guy stops and apologizes to her while helping her up. Christine is just looking at him blushing,she says in her mind,this guy is so hot.Then the guy tells her his name. ”hey I am Wyatt.” Hi Wyatt, I am Christine”. Do you want to walk with me”?Wyatt…show more content…
Thanks for all your help Wyatt, you are a true hero.Wyatt.” “ Thanks. Hey can I ask you something? “ um sure.” “Do you want to go on a date with me?” “ I am so happy you asked me that. Yes yes yes yes yes yes, said Christine while kissing him.” Wyatt and Christine both blushed, it was so romantic. On Saturday Christine went to her home. When she got there, their was a game going on, she immediately ran in the locker room to get changed and then she went to coach walker. Coach Walker was so surprised that she was there, he said, “Omg you are here you are hear.” Then he blew his whistle for a timeout. The team ran to there coach. And they saw Christine and then they all ran faster. And then they talked. And Christine joined them she said in her mind (this might be tough but I will get used to it.). At the end there was only 1:01 on the clock and they were behind by one. Christine catcher the ball and ran to touchdown.” TOUCHDOWN CLOVERS. And the Clovers win.” Said the Referee.And Christine was fine. And she lived happily ever after with her boyfriend Wyatt. The

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