The Clutter Family In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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In the novel “In Cold Blood” , Truman Capote uses the Clutter family to represent the rising middle class in the nineteen fifties. The book is about a homicide murder in Holcomb Kansas on November fifteen nineteen fifty nine. This was the last day anyone would see the Clutter family alive. The Clutter’s were an average middle class American family in the nineteen fifties, nearly perfect. The Clutter family owned their own land in Holcomb with a big house away from mostly everything and everyone. Bonnie and Herb Clutter had fairly talented and humbled children Kenyon and Nancy. Kenyon and Nancy were both very popular at school participating in sports and having all A’s. They were very respected by people in Holcomb mainly just for being generally good people. In this novel Truman Capote takes us through the minds of cold blooded…show more content…
This was also the decade the African-American launched the Civil Rights movement in Nineteen Fifty Four. In the midst of the U.S. working to maintain being the strongest country the african americans became to revolt from the inside, this lasted until Nineteen Sixty Eight. This event was followed by the Vietnam war starting the nineteen fifty five over who was going to take control over the vietnamese government. The Vietnam war last up until nineteen seventy five , ending with fifty eight thousand , two hundred and twenty deaths on record of american soldiers.

Aside from the wars and riots going on in the nineteen fifties, life seemed to be easier for people back then to live the life most people would dream to live today. This decade was the beginning for many of the things we use today. In the novel “In Cold Blood” , Truman Capote gives us a good look and understanding of what life was like back then for the rising middle class in the United States, by using an average American family led to an unfortunate and devastating
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