The Co-roner: A Short Story

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Jessica couldn’t believe the past few days and what had happened. As Jessica was about to get in the shower, she could hear her mother in her room across the hall. Jessica was going to show her mom the heels she planned on wearing. As Jessica was walking into her mom’s room, she saw her mom laying on the edge of the bed crying. Jessica didn’t walk in the room immediately, she stood from a distance watching her mom. She could see her mom was maybe in the middle of a prayer. Jessica knew this view wasn’t normal. “Why was mom crying?” Jessica wondered. “I know she’s still in pain, but the pain is only be temporary.” This was Jessica’s first clue that something wasn’t right. She didn’t know why her mom was crying but she figured it was best to…show more content…
Jessica woke up as John was at the corner of her bed. “Jess, you aren’t going to like what I have to say. But…” “No, stop Dad. Mom’s dead isn’t she?” Jessica started towards her parents bedroom. She could see her mom lying in the same position she was last night. “I’m afraid so Jessica, the coroner is on their way right now. They should be here soon. I know it’s tough but say your goodbyes.” John started to leave the room. He kissed Susan’s forehead and then Jessica’s. Jessica started to cry as she was hugging her mother’s dead body. Jessica wanted this to be a bad dream where she could just wake up. Jessica couldn’t believe that last night was one of her happiest days and now the next morning it is her nightmare. The doorbell rang, it was the coroner. The coroner had one other man with him when they were on the front porch. John answered the door and led them upstairs to where Susan’s body was. The coroner took photos for evidence while John and Jessica gave their reports. The coroner was only there for about 15 minutes. Once they left with Susan’s body, there was a peace that overcame John and Jessica as they were sitting in the living room in
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