Elements Of The Coaching Process

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The role of a coach and the coaching process is an understanding that helps coaches to progress. A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. A role of a coach in not only coaching, they helps athletes to progress to their full potential by analyzing their performance, instructing in relevant skills and by providing encouragement. It 's a great advantage for a coach to go through these steps as it can evaluate it 's performance effectively and efficiently.

Elaborate the coaching process
A coaching process "implies both the contract or understanding which is entered into by the athletes and coaches, and the operationalisation of that agreement." (Lyly, 2002) The plan or schedule will be
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Their characteristics are as following. Physical factor is if the athlete is physically fitted or the mind of the athlete is in the right place for the process which is planned by the coach. Another factor would be tactical where a coach has a thought out of a starategy and it is implemented in the process of coaching. A lot of athletes tend to loose focus during competition therefore they seek help of a psychologist and in this case psychological factor becomes essensal for coaching process. The emotional factor of an athletes behavior also affects the coaching process and so does the genetic depositon where if your parents does or doest have the physical aspect of the body for sports. The environmental factor is also an element when it comes to coaching process. It is very important as the weather can take effect on how and when a training session will be held or other factors. Goal setting is very important to set for coaching process to ensure what the coach wants athlete to reach because it will be worthless if the coach is training an athlete without any targeted objectives. Detailed planning becomes a major factor when it comes to "cyclical nature of the competition programme and aggregated improvements." (lyle 2002) This means it is a long term planning that comes in time but not at once such as olympic games comes once in every four years therefore the coach has to…show more content…
Coaches have tramendous amount of responsibilities when it comes to planning, such as prepairing a trainning session or a drill programme. The coach needs to set a goal setting for him and the athlete that they have to achieve. Pre planning becomes a major factor as there are lot of competitions that takes place in a year. Coach need to collect specific information and study it so that he can prepare his athlete. (Lyle 2002)Coach needs to be able to deliver a coching session. A large number of group can cause chaos therefore rules must intake place to ensure safe environmnet for athletes during trainings. Observing the participants can help the coach to analyse and plan the next drill or training session better.(Deliver sports coaching sessions) In management coaches should know what type of equipment is needed for different sessions. Coach needs An assistant coach who can help to deal with secondary requirements. Change in programme should take place if

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