The Cobra And The Crows Panchatantra Story In Hindi Summary

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Evil spirits and crows; The Cobra and the Crows Panchatantra Story in Hindi 1 Nisheeth Ranjan Edit this post
There was a very old banyan tree in a forest. A nook made on a tree was a pair of crow-kavvis. From the hollow stem of the same tree, it came from somewhere to live a evil snake. Every year, when the weather arrives, the Kawi lays in the nests, and the evil snake gets the opportunity to go to their nests and eat their eggs. Once the crow and the quiver returned soon after getting the food, they saw that wicked snake lying on the eggs kept in their nest.

Eggs and snakes went to the snake. The crow tied the shirt to the mouth. " Dear , keep your courage. Now we know the enemy. Some ideas will also be considered. '

The quack asked a lot of thought and made a nest on the top before leaving the previous nest and said to the poet, ' Our eggs here will be safe here. Our nest is near the edge of the top of the tree and the eagle moves in the sky. The eagles are the snakes of the snake. The evil snake will not be able to dare to come here too. '
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On seeing the snake, his nest was clear, that because of his fear the Kawad Kawwi was probably gone from there but the evil snake kept retaining. He saw that the crow flies with the same tree and they are also there to return. He did not take it long to understand that he kept the new nest above the same tree. One day the serpent came out of the cave and discovered the new nest of the cow.
[ads-post] In the nest, the crow couple had three newborn babies. The evil snake swallowed them one by one and started to scream and return to their

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