The Code Of Chivalry: The Code Of Chivalry

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The round table is not simple of just random knights, they are the knights chosen to be the ones who either respect or disrespect the code of chivalry. What is the code of chivalry? You may ask. The code of chivalry has different laws, one knight must follow in order to earn the name of being a knight. They need to be respectful towards women, meaning that they must not treat one badly, unfairly… Another part of the code of chivalry is loyalness. Being loyal plays a big role in the world of knights. Sir tristan was definitely one to be labeled as loyal. The reason why I put so much emphasis on sir tristan being so loyal was because of the good deeds he had done in his time of being a knight. Sir tristan had come up on the knight scene for being the He was the nephew and champion of King Mark of Cornwall and the son of Meliodas, King of Lyoness. Tristan's mother died when he was born, and as a young man he took service with his uncle, Mark. As difficult as it may seem sir tristan continued to strive for greatness with the passing of his mother. Sir tristan was no stranger when it came to loyalty. Loyalty is the exact charm represented in the round table when it came to his home life to his knightly life.…show more content…
How he fills the both of these components is in the story of tristan and isolde. As the story goes, sir tristan's uncle mark had asked sir tristan for a favor. In that favor mark had asked sir tristan if he could ask the hand of isolde for him. Sir tristan being as loyal as he could be, proving the codes of chivalry with every choice he makes. Sir tristan then begins to do what he is told from mark. Sir tristan following orders from mark went well on his way to isolde. Instead of mark falling in love with isolde it was sir tristan who fell in love with her. The both lovers drank a love potion and instantly fell in love with each other. As much as tristan didn't mean for it to happen, he is a man of his
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