The Cognitive Aspects Of Globalization In Africa

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Tutorial 1 The Globalisation The dictionary definition for globalisation is "A process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, this process is driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology"( this definition is biased in that it only accommodate the economic and social impact of this interrelatedness. Held and McGrew states that no single Universal definition of globalisation has been agreed on, none the less time-space compression accelerates this interdependence, According to Held, the three major dimensions of globalisation are Material, Cognitive aspects and spatio-temporal (Held and McGrew, 2002:3). The material aspect of globalization comprises of the most visible aspects of globalization, namely Social-Economical and I am referring mainly to the drift of Capital, Resources, infrastructure and people. Globalization has curbed the boundaries in areas of Communication, geographical barriers and several other fields. Increasing the interdependence of countries around the globe. (Held and McGrew, 2002:3). In Africa everything propagates at different rates, every country has its own currency, some stronger than others (e.g. Botswana 0.80 Pula= 1.00 Rand), the infrastructures, religion, cultural believes, climate and political stability. Regardless of these differences African countries share a common ground in that they

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