Elizabeth Short Essay On The Black Dahlia

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Cold case, an unsolved criminal investigation which remains open, pending the discovery of new evidence. Elizabeth Short or commonly known as The Black Dahlia, was a twenty-two year old woman who lived in California. After disappearing for nearly six days detectives found her ruthlessly murdered. Now seventy-one years later her murder remains unsolved. The mystery behind the Black Dahlia murder can be summed up in two theories: George Hodel or someone else.
Elizabeth Short or The Black Dahlia lived a dream chasing life,but it abruptly ended at the mere age of twenty-two. To most people Short was just a girl seeking the finer things in life. While living in California she would flirt with several men to get ahead, but would reject their advances
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Smith claims to have watched a man named Al Morrison kill Beth,and deeply described the murder. After the LAPD found no trace of Al Morrison they quickly figured it was Smith that commited the crime (Fuller 9). A month before Arnold came to the police station, the Los Angeles medical examiner office received a call of someone claiming to be the killer and that they had proof. Anxiously waiting officers received a package days later with some of Shorts stuff, from social security cards to an address book, but one page had been ripped out ("Criminal Investigators") The killer agreed to turn himself in but when officer went to the meeting spot he/she never showed. A couple weeks later is when Arnold Smith made an appearance. Unfortunately, a few weeks before he was going to surrender, he got drunk and set his hotel room on fire and burned to death (Smith 10) Many theorist believe the person that sent the package was in fact Arnold Smith. After all,there was seemingly one person who killed her so it is possible that Arnold sent the package and then a month later attempted to turn himself in. All in all, Arnold Smith was the only person who could supply accurate details of her murder, and that 's why he 's believed to be a considerable
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