The Cold War Dbq Essay

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The 4 ½ decade long clash between the U.S. and Soviet Union was dubbed “The Cold War” by Bernard Baruch because of the cold relations between the two competitive nations. The tension between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. began primarily because of the polar opposite ideologies of each nation, the U.S. being Capitalist and The Soviet Union being Communist, causing a multitude of disagreements between the two. The disputes between the two countries began during WWII when the U.S. left their Soviet allies flapping in the wind, when they refused to open a second front, which resulted in the Soviets taking a beating. The U.S. later excluded The Soviets from the Atomic bomb project, since the U.S refused to work with their scientists. The U.S was also becoming…show more content…
The hysteria that there were communists in the United States was common, and Mccarthy would use this elicit fear to ruin people’s careers and gain power. Much of the panic also came from the fact there were Russian spies in the United States and they were able to steal American secrets. In March of 1954 (Document A) Eisenhower gave a speech addressing the large amount of “hysteria” in the country, addressing the fears of Americans from internal sources; more specifically he is addressing “Unwise Investigators” such as Mccarthy, and the fear people have of being accused of being a communist, and the fears of communism spreading to America, considering the communist spies that were already present in the United States. George Kennan's policy was to stop the spread of communism by using the method of “containment”, this policy would carry on through the next decade. Americans were desperate to stop the spread of communism at all costs, and would take military action and engage in two wars (Korean & Vietnam), in order to halt the spread. John Foster Dulles (Document B) expresses his concerns about the spread of communism to America, and also declares that if a state were to be compromised by communism than it would be a threat to all of the United States. Dulles purpose is to express his worry of the close radius of Latin countries to the U.S., because if one is taken over by communism than the rest may follow, and the United States

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