The Cold War-Personal Narrative

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The wind whipped past my head as I pushed myself faster. I could see the break in the trees up ahead, the sun shining on the poppy field through the small opening. I ran as fast as my legs would travel, my heart beating out of my chest. I could hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. My lungs were about to give out, my hips were burning from the running and my feet were starting to swell in my boots. I glanced behind me and only see the thick brush and shrubs, i slow down a pace to catch my breath but quickly pick up speed. I am so close to the field i can smell the sweet aroma of Poppy and buttercups. As i break through the trees i see a group of people coming from up ahead, i notice a tall man wearing a uniform at the top of the hill. I quickly duck…show more content…
"Brooklyn, It will be okay, i know who did this." She nodded and i stood up and offered her my hand. She eagerly grabbed it and stood up. We headed for the river that lead back to Edo Bay, Brooklyn was slower then i was but kept up as best as she could. The sound of the river was deafening as we made are trek to the warships. Soon we heard the roar of the men as they celebrated a "victory" before the end. I was going to get my revenge on the Americans in one way or the other. My feet were aching and my stomach was rumbling as night fall became closer. Brooklyn stopped sobbing and instead of being sad she held a look of determination. We crept around the side of one of the boats and listened to the howling of the men and the groaning of the prisoners held on the boats. Inside one of the larger tents i could hear the general talking to what i could only assume was his second in command. "We have torched five of the ten villages and we need to be back to the Americas in five weeks. We are way off track. The general held a voice of arrogance and was stern with his troop. "Sir, i doubt we will be able to get to them all in that short amount of time, we are losing men and many are

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