The Cold War Propaganda Analysis

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films (Medhurst). Since the Cold War was an intangible war of ideals, the United States relied heavily on the use of propaganda to rally its people behind capitalism and instigate antipathy towards communism. Propaganda during the Cold War can be seen as one of the first initiations of melding propaganda into society. In modern times, propaganda has been fully integrated into every part of society. It is seen on posters, billboards, nine feet tall LED screens beside roads, television and even online. An example of this would be Disney’s show, Magic of Healthy Living, a program that introduces clean standards of eating and promoting a healthy lifestyle mainly for the majority of its viewers, today’s current generation of children. It features famous public figures like Michelle Obama. This type of propaganda, known as testimonial propaganda, uses well known people to endorse a product or service. In this case, it uses the First Lady to promote a healthy way of life. This television show is one of the many examples of propaganda with a good cause. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to the people but to the nation’s economy as well. “Truth is mighty and must prevail, and if any body of men believe that they have discovered a valuable truth, it is not merely their privilege by their duty…show more content…
There have been cases where it is used for both the benefit and the manipulation of the people. Propaganda changes the public’s perception and to an extent, their reality thus its efficiency in gaining public support is starting to be recognized. Logically, propaganda is a legitimate form of human activity. Any society, whether it be social, religious or political, that spreads awareness of its beliefs is practicing propaganda (Barnays, 13). As depicted in literature and history, the methods by which public opinions are formed may be misused but such techniques are necessary to the welfare of a
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