The Cold War: The Berlin Airlift

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At a time when the Cold War was a threat, the Soviet Union decided to do something that would make this tension greater. They decided to siege West Berlin, blocking off everyone inside from essential resources. The Allied Nations decided to take a stand against the Soviet Union and created what is known as the Berlin Airlift. With the people inside West Berlin starving and being dehydrated, the Berlin Airlift was successfully able to give food and other necessary supplies to the people inside. World War II had just ended and Germany had lost the fight. Because of this, Germany was split into four different sections which were controlled by 4 of the most powerful nations at that time. The United States, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union…show more content…
Several political changes came with this event. As I have already stated, there were already some pretty tense relationships with the Soviet Union. When the Soviets decided to siege Berlin and basically hold it hostage, all it did was increase the tensions between the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union. Another large political impact was Germany becoming allied with the United States and the rest of the Allied Nations. One impact that isn’t very known is how the Soviets would use the Berliners inside. From a political standpoint, the Soviets would capture German scientists and political leaders. They would use the scientists to spill their technology and new equipment that was technically classified. The Soviets also would harass the common people inside Berlin. They would physically harass people and in some cases sexually. Because of this forceful harassment, would lead up to the next…show more content…
The Soviets were trying over and over to force their culture and the concept of communism on the people inside Berlin. As I have said multiple times previously, this event was one of the first major conflicts of the Cold War. The Cold War was based around political tensions between the United States and their allies who represented democracy and the Soviet Union and their allies who represented communism. This caused obvious differences between the two powerhouses in the world at that time. The United States realized that the Soviet Union can not be allowed to spread the way of communism while putting civilians at potential
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