The Cold War: The Origin Of The Cold War

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Cold War
Origin of Cold War
The term cold war is used for that unprecedented state of tension that suddenly developed between the two former friends the USA and the USSR. By August 1945, with the surrender of Japan, the victory of the Allies had been ascertained but the tension lurking in their camps suddenly burst out. The German attack on the USSR and the Japanese bombardment of Pearl Harbour brought these two countries which subscribed to opposing ideologies together. But this friendship soon changed into a strange war called the Cold War.
Meaning and Definition of Cold War
The term cold war stands for hostile and tense international relations between the USA and the USSR and is an outcome of the post world war politics. It expressed itself through ideological hatred, political distrust, diplomatic manoeuvring, military competition, espionage, psychological warfare and bitter relations.
Cold War was a peace-time war fought without weapons. It was based on ideological hatred and political distrust. Both the sides tried to humiliate each other and reduce their sphere of influence. They were such armed blocs as did not use their troops, guns, tanks, planes and ships to fight wars. They openly propagated against each other. One bloc was led by the USA and the other by the USSR. The USA projected the USSR as the enemy of world peace and communism as the destroyer of individual freedom. They criticised the expansionist policy of the USSR; whereas the USSR presented communism as

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