The Origins Of The Cold War

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September 2nd 1945, quite after WWII the two most powerful nations in the world broke into a war of pride and power, which is known as the ‘Cold war’. They battled relentlessly for a reputation that would be honored for a long time. It was a long period of tension between the USA, and the Soviet Union. These two nations worked to be the greatest in the world through politics, weapons, and science. These two countries became known as ‘Powerful’ nations. Although, they never properly declared war; they battled indirectly in the Arm race, Space race, and Proxy wars.

The cold war was a competition between the USA and the USSR to get to space first. This involved the A-bomb. There was lack of trust between the USSR and the rest of the allies,
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This occurred throughout the time period of 1945 to 1947, of looking for protection between the nations and a doubt of one. This is refereed as the War. This involved Russia and the USA. This even started the development of the A-bomb that landed at the Semipalatinsk (the testing venue for the USSR nuclear weapons). On June 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb came to amusement in the USA. This bomb had two dedications of its occurrence. First, was a fast end of World War II, second; to have control by the US. The USSR was a very strong nation. They had bigger and better weapons and more manpower than the US, on the other hand the United States had better and more developed technology which led them to the success of the space race. This is shown because the US was the first to develop the atomic bomb and was the first to drop the atomic bomb. This was the first bomb that had been advanced and complete. The Soviet Union was furious which led to the Space…show more content…
RUSSIAN: "The first artificial Earth satellite in the world has now been created. This first satellite was today successfully launched in the USSR.’ ( ) this shows how far behind the USA was, for they didn't launch anything. Then NASA had 7 men chosen to be astronauts. Then on April 12 1961 the USSR triumphantly launched Yuri Gagarin into orbit. Then the Americans launched Alan Shepard into space on May 5th 1961. Then Russia had a second space flight which had lasted 1 day and 1 hour. John Glenn was about to die at his launch to space on February 20, 1962. Russia completed their first space walk with the first women launched into space (with a three man crew) between 1963 and 1965. Then on January 27, 1967 the Apollo 1 where killed in a fire on the launch pad, and the USSR cosmonaut died. Then the first manned mission to the moon by Apollo 11, with buzz Adrian and Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong and they launched at 9:32

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