The Colonists And The American Revolution

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The colonist didn’t like the laws the British made so they did many disastrous things the British didn’t like so as things kept getting worse it led to the American Revolution. The two British laws that the colonists thought were unfair are being taxed on sugar and paper, and the amount of taxes increasing. “ The madness begin in 1764 when Parliament passed taxes on sugar and paper”(unknown,1774). It all started in 1764 when the parliament started putting taxes on items and the colonists didn’t like it. The colonists thought this was unfair because they were getting taxed on out of nowhere. “... So how can the British Parliament place this tax on us?” (Henry,1765). People were getting really mad that they were getting taxed for no reason and some people even blamed it on King George lll.…show more content…
“Crying out against ‘taxation without representation,’ the colonists responded by boycotting”(Unknown,1774). They really didn’t like being taxed on so one of the things they did was boycotting.They also dumped tea bags in the Boston Harbor. “ our commander to open the hatches and take out all the chests of tea and throw them overboard”(Hughes,1773). They threw the tea bags and after they found out they got really mad because everything was destroyed so the British created The Intolerable
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