The Colonization Of Colonial America In The 17th Century

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The dominant theme that best describes the history of colonial America is the search for economic opportunity. In the 17th century, sixteen to twenty- year- old men were motivated to travel to America to escape the hardships in Europe. Although, some would stance that the colonization of the Americas was purely exploration or religious freedom, we see the first interactions in New America was with economic motives. A majority of people today view early American history as families uprooting from England for religious freedom and new opportunities; however, the pilgrims and puritans were the smallest percent of immigrants. The original colonization of beginning America consisted of young enslaved men with nothing to lose attempting to escape the hardships of Europe, and a vast majority of African Slaves. Traveling to New America from Europe in the 17th century was a long and difficult journey due to disease and hunger, but it…show more content…
France was especially interested in trading with Native Americans, and also hoped to develop an entwined community. Unlike the Spaniards, the French didn’t treat the Native Americans as if they were inferior, and it wasn’t uncommon for them to marry Native American women. With that being said, it becomes easier to understand the characteristics and goals of the French opposed to the Spaniards. Early settlers of New America didn’t have it easy; every day settlers were faced with new obstacles and hardships to overcome. Since Jamestown was located so close to the Atlantic Ocean, and with so many people inhabiting that one area, it was a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Hunger was a main issue as many migrant settlers died of starvation and malnutrition. Percy wrote, “Then, having fed upon horses and other beasts as long as they lasted, we were glad to make shift with vermin, as dogs, cats and mice.” Some migrants even turned to
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