The Colonization Of Native Americans In America

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During the beginning of the colonization period within America, many Europeans were escaping their lives in Europe. America delivered Europeans from the social, political, and economic inequality. They no longer had to feel apprehension from the crop famines. They finally had a chance of freedom. When Europeans first encountered Native Americans, they saw them as the exemplification of freedom. Even though colonists desired freedom, they felt that Native Americans had the wrong type of freedom. They thought they were too free and lacked the structure that civilization provided. Because of the multitude of Natives in America they had no choice but to live around them, but the treatment of the Natives between the French and the English were vastly different. The establishment of New France rested on their need of furs rather than agricultural settlements. Considering the small white population compared to the mass amount of Natives in North America, the French depended on good relations with Native Americans. The main person to blame the good relationship between the Natives is Samuel de Champlain, who founded the region of New France. In contrast to the usual ideals of Europeans, Champlain “insisted on religious toleration for all Christians and denied that Native Americans were intellectually or culturally inferior to Europeans,” (Foner 38). He imagined creating a civilization where people of multiple cultural backgrounds can live together peacefully. For the most part he
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