Summary Of The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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The Color of Water, by James McBride, is about his journey to find who his mother is and who he is. It talked about problems between different races and between jews and society. Many of the events that the characters went through are relatable and heart breaking. The Color of Water is a heart-touching story. McBride’s mom, Ruth, talked about Mameh running away from Russian soldiers in Poland I was a bit surprised because I don’t really hear about the war that happened in Poland. This situation is somewhat relatable since my parents had to run away from Vietnamese soldiers in Laos. Zaydeh’s death is somewhat relatable as well. The death of Zaydeh, passing away in his bed, was similar to how my grandma passed. My family brought the children in to say goodbye like Ruth’s family did. What was more sad than Zaydeh’s death was Bubeh’s death. Ruth talked about her mom crying when she found out Bubeh died, this made my heart slightly hurt since I can remember my mom crying when my grandma died. This part of the story was sad, but the saddest part was Mameh’s death. Mameh’s death was heart breaking, enough to actually make my emotions …show more content…

As I read on about Ruth’s reaction to meeting her best friend again, my eyes started to get a little watery with tears of happiness. I was able to imagine their feelings of seeing a best friend after so long. They cried and hugged when they saw each other, I would do the same if I was one of them. They still keep in touch and remain close today after reuniting. This reunion made me happy because a bond that was once lost was found again. This book, The Color of Water, made me sad and happy. I was able to relate to many of the events that Ruth went through and feel empathy. Even if it wasn’t relatable, I was able to understand and imagine how the characters would feel. The Color of Water, is a heart touching story that made me almost cry with tears of sorrow and

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