The Color Of Water Character Analysis

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James McBride in the Color of Water and William Golding in The Lord of the Flies use the the techniques of societal conflict and character development to convey to readers that adversity helps one grow. Throughout both novels, main characters grow through adversity found in the form of societal conflict. James McBride in The Color of Water, born to a Jewish mother and an African-American father, struggles to find a place in society. He cannot fit in with positive peers on either side, and thus chooses to live an unhealthy life. One summer while in Louisville, Kentucky, he associates himself with many unhealthy role models, neglecting his academic and musical talent. However, when he threatens to shoot someone, an old drunk known as “Chicken…show more content…
By not trying to stay in school to advance his knowledge, James is only hindering himself. Even more as a result, there is more societal pressure put on James, making him have to respond. Because of that reason, James works even harder to try to find a place for himself in society.Through the adversity posed by those actually on the streets, James realizes that he does not want to pursue a path that will lead back to Chicken Man. Thus, he grows through this societal conflict, later finding out that he can fit into society by staying true to who he is. Jack Merridew in The Lord of the Flies finds out that Ralph’s society rejects him. He then goes on to form his own tribe, where he dictates the rules. “Jack planned his new face. He made one cheek and one eye socket white, then he rubbed red over the other half....He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but at an awesome stranger” (Golding 63). Inside his own tribe, Jack does not have to adhere to the rules of Ralph’s society, allowing himself to grow as a person and find who he truly is. As he remakes himself, he physically changes his appearance so that he can be the character that he wants. Jack feels resentment towards a society with order, and as a result, he chooses to create a society with almost no
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