The Color Purple: A Reflection Of Reality In 20th Century

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"The color purple" is a reflection of reality in 20th century. The African American women isolated from the white society as Walker in The color purple talks about racism and discrimination of society in 20the century. Celie, the heroine was born in Rural Georgia where is known as a harsh place for poor and uneducated black women who were servants to their husbands and fathers. Throughout the novel, Celie tries to overcome her psychological anger and becomes independent. At the beginning of the novel, Celie appears like other women 20th century as they oppressed by men and lived under men 's dominance and violence. the novel starts with silence struggling with anger leading to speak and independence. Women throughout the novel are different in their suffering. Celia is a round character as she developed her character throughout the novel. She breaks the boundaries of the society in the 20th century. At the beginning, she lives like all women then she refuses all images of oppression which lead to her painful feelings. women live in a pain and anger from their date of birth although De Beauvoir believes in her book the Second Sex that woman’s inferiority in society is a result not of natural differences but of differences in the upbringing of man and woman. Celie begins with her inner conflicts and thoughts inside herself. First, she is rejected by the society because of her dark skin as she is an African Amerian black women. Then, she starts with a

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