The Color Purple Book Vs Movie Analysis

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How well can a director put a book into action as a movie? After reading the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker and watching the movie The Color Purple directed by Steven Spielberg, I was given both sides of the story written and the screen write. Contrasting the two together personally is quite tricky because both the book and the movie were great to take part in. However some events in the book were obviously different when watching the movie.
While reading the book the reader can obviously notice the use of letters between Celie the main character and God who she writes too. She shares her experiences, thoughts, feelings, and ultimately her life through her letters.However later on in the book Celie changes who she writes to, and writes
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Once Shug is able to feel acquainted with Celie they find themselves doing everything together. Shug teaches Celies about herself mentally, spiritually, and physically with her body. The book captures the feelings held between the Celie and Shug with vibrant words and sentences between the two characters. ¨She say, I love you, Miss Celie. And then she haul off and kiss me on the mouth (Walker, 1982).¨ In the movie however it doesn't show how close the girls become, and how strong their bond is. One of the main points Shug´s character puts across is how she teaches Celie about herself, like the reader could see Nettie trying to do in the beginning of the story. In the book one of the most important things celie is able to do is stand up for herself, she is able to do this with the guidance and support given to her by shug. In the movie one can only assume Celie finds her strength over time given all the abuse she endures in her childhood, and…show more content…
As for example when Sofia Harpo's wife is sent to prison for knocking out the mayor, in the book it is said to have happened the night she comes home with her new man. But in the movie Sofia lives with her family for a couple of weeks in town. Although it doesn’t drastically change the movie itself, but it changes other parts in the movie to where one can notice the out of placement given. Something else that is highly out of place is how in the book the reader is able to learn about Netties life as she writes to Celie, but in the movie we as reader never learn about Netties adult life until Celie finds her letters with Shug. Then later on Nettie comes home with her new family to reunite with Celie after thirty
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