The Color Purple Book Vs Movie Essay

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I have read plenty of books that have been turned into movies, however “The Color Purple” is one of the few books that has a musical and movie version of which I know. The directors took different approaches on how some scenes are portrayed in their movie or musical, but I believe they all did very well in portraying the message. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Celie finds her courage to talk back to Mr. ____. It was during the dinner at Odessa’s house where Shug had announced that they would be leaving to Memphis and taking Celie with them. It was during this part that I feel Celie was finally able to stand up for herself and it was one of the most powerful moments in the book and movie. Though I didn’t get to watch the musical, the song related to this part of the book was already enough for me to feel a sense of empowerment. In the book, Mr.____ acts as though he doesn’t care about…show more content…
The scene in which Celie says, “I’m pore, I’m black, I may be ugly and can’t cook, a voice say to everything listening. But I’m here,” is more empowering than it had been in the book. We see and hear her saying those words to Mr. ____ as the car is moving away. I feel that this is the turning point of Celie’s character in the movie, because this is where she becomes confident and freed herself from oppression I didn’t get to see the musical, however the song that related to this scene is“I Curse You Mister”. In my opinion, this was the most successful rendition of the scene. When Celie gets to the part that says, “but I am here”, her voice is so strong and powerful that I can feel goosebumps rising as I’m listening to it. She goes from an almost angry voice as she repeated the words “I may be pore, I may be black, I may be ugly” to a completely different tone when she sings “but I am here”. It sounds as if she’s pouring all of her emotions out into that
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