'The Color Purple' By Alice Walker

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The book I chose is called “ The Color Purple.” The author’s name is Alice Walker. This book

was published in 1982 and won a Pulizer Prize in 1983. It is now a Broadway musical and also

won the National Book Award. In total this book consists of 300 pages.

Section Two

In the book “ The Color Purple” many important events occurred that relate to our past. The

book starts with a girl named Celie. Celie is abused in the story by her Pa. He rapesher and

takes her children away from her. Eventually Pa marries her off to a man named Mr.___. He isn't

very good to Celie though. He more of married her to get her to do things for him. Mr.___ ends

up kicking Celie’s sister out for no reason. After this Celie’s life gets much worse.
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Then with this Shug and Celie discover

Nettie’s mystery silence. Little did they know, Mr.___ was hiding all of the letters. With the

relationship with Shug, Celie starts to feel happier again. After this Celie finally has enough

courage to tell Mr.___ he's horrible and she's leaving him. After leaving Mr.___ , Celie moves to

Chicago with Shug. She ends up opening up a tailor shop and learns to make pants for both

men and women. Later on Celie ends up moving back down south to take care of Harpo and

Albert(Mr.___) but still continues her business. I know this book mostly focuses on Celie and her

life, but it also focuses on the journeys of all women like her.

Section Three

In this novel there are many characters but there is 4 main ones. The first is named Celie.

Celie is a abused but very strong girl. From being raped by her Pa to losing her chin, she

makes it through everything. Pa is another main character. He is the man that raped Celie. He

would be described as controlling, abusive, and just not a pleasant man. The next character
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The story takes place back when

black women had basically no rights and were treated horribly. A lot of racism was still going on

and occurring. So life wasn't all that easy for those women. The setting makes the plot by really

letting us know how the story and the time period were like.

Section Five

I think the main reason the author wrote the book was to inform and entertain us. It relates to

things that could have occurred and most likely did in the past. Also it allows us to see what

these women went through back then. The author was probably trying to get our attention on

how life was for black women who in the past.

Section Six

In this book I had many likes. I really liked how the author really got the message out about

how the black women lived and were treated. Another thing I liked about this book is how the

author used a lot of details about the feeling of how things were and how it was. Not only did I have likes but I also had some dislikes. I wish the author would of added more

details and thoughts of Mr.___ and Pa. I wanted to know more about what they were
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