The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Literary Analysis

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker tells about Celie, a poor black woman and her hardship since she was a little girl. Her hardship starts with sexual abuse from her step dad. However, that doesn 't stop, she gets more abuse in the hands of her husband. Celie gets separated from her family and from her beloved sister, Nettie. She thinks about her all the time that sometimes she thinks that she might be dead since she can 't talk with her. They both write letters to each other but they don 't always show up. Celie believes in God and how he 's the one who is making her having a hard time in life, that 's why she writes to him, but that doesn 't stop her from believing in him. This book shows us how sadness has a big influence on life and how…show more content…
At the beginning of the story, the only emotion Celie felt was sadness. However, that sadness slowly disappeared when she learned about Shug. “She say I love you, Miss Celie…..I kiss her back” (113). At first, Celie didn’t have anyone to talk to about emotions and how she felt, but now she talks about everything with Sug. Nevertheless, her feelings are more than just a friend. Celie felt Shug as her own mother. “Like sleeping with mama” (114). As a reader, we know that Celie had a hard time at the beginning, but her life and surrounding are changing based on her emotions. Furthermore, we see how the characters in the book are connected somehow. They both had sadness developing since their early life. For example, like Shug “one thing my mama hurted me...I try to kiss her, she turn her mouth away” (120). This connects to Celie by how she and her step dad are the same way. How he abused her and gave her away easily. She also doesn 't connect with her mother that much “ She die screaming and cussing….she scream at me” (2). Furthermore, this relationship show that there is also problems with her mother not just with her step dad. However, that 's not the worst thing Celie felt throughout the whole book. Sadness will come and go from the emotions you get from the people and nature that surrounds you. This tells the reader that how much sadness you have it will eventually be replaced with laughter…show more content…
By the end of the story, Celie 's life changed to the better. She worked and got her own house and business. “The house belong to your sister Nettie and you” (244). She also made women and men to wear pants as her hobby which later became her job. After Celie 's step dad died the house owner became Celie and Nettie 's. In the past, the real owner was Celie 's real father “The land and the house and the store” (245). She 's not the only one whose life changed to the better, her abusive husband also changed to a better man ”Mr______ seem to be the only one understanding my feelings” (259). After Celie left them he tried to change from fear that he will be alone in the world. Even though her life changed, sadness is still remained with her “I can 't stay here…….sleep remain a stranger to this night” (251). After Shug found her beloved one many people became sad and had a hard time, but mostly Celie did . However, since Celie didn 't give up on god and her life, her beloved sister came with her family and brough Celie 's children. That way Celie now had her own family to stay with. That 's how Celie 's life changed throughout the book from the worst life to a better future. This novel tells the readers that how much problems and troubles you have it will eventually pass to the better. However, if you don 't try to changes you future and life it will be the same as your past self, nothing will change. So don 't give up in something important to you, just like how

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