The Color Purple Critical Analysis

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THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker, The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a novel with several distinctive themes. The novel discusses issues that range from race and domestic violence to self-searching and sexual orientation. This passage covers it all, it evaluates all the different aspect of the book and like the some of the other articles I 've selected one of the main things it talks about is the theme of race which can be seen as the novel progresses. This article amplifies the different issues dealt with in the book. One of my reasons for picking this passage is because it focuses on something most of the other articles don 't focus on which in the men in The Color Purple. “Albert, his friend, is known for much of the novel as "Mr" by…show more content…
This literary criticism focuses on how The Color Purple shows problems with race and domesticity. The author of this passage, Linda Selzer, expresses her ideas on the novel saying, “The Color Purple offers a critique of race that explores the possibility of treating all people as ‘one mother 's children’--while remaining unremittingly sensitive to the distance that often separates even the best of human ideals from real historical conditions.” I completely agree with Selzer’s statement, The Color Purple doesn’t shy away from portraying things as they are. Although it would be nice for everyone to be treated equally, it 's also highly unrealistic. The Color Purple illustrates what being a woman of color was like at the time and it doesn’t sugar coat it, I feel like this is a good thing because it helps people see how things really are. This article talks about the theme of race throughout The Color Purple which is one of the main things I’m discussing in my topic. I selected this article specifically because it covers so many topics that are throughout The Color Purple. These topics might help me in writing my essay later. Selzer also inserts her own opinions into the article which show a new, fresh perspective on the different topics. Her perspectives and ideas lead me to evaluate my perspectives and
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