The Color Purple Dynamic Character Essay

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“The Color Purple #11”
Through out the novel of “The Color Purple”, the novel includes characters that are dynamic and also static. Some of the dynamic characters include Celie who is a young lady and also the main character in the book. Celie is the person who writes to God and later on writes to her sister Nettie. She changes through out the story because in the beginning of the novel, Celie was scared to even talk back to Mr. Albert. Mr. Albert was a person whom she would listen to anything he would ask her to do. In the beginning she asked Sophia how she does what she does which is confronting people without being scared. “All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my uncles. I had to fight my brothers. A girl
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She is a static character because she did not change much thorough out the story. She ran away from home after Celie got married to Mr. Albert instead of herself. Celie wanted to marry Albert but her Pa would not allow her & instead chose Celie to marry him. Mr. Albert decides to marry Celie so that she can take care of his children. Nettie moved to Africa where she came across Samuel & Corrine who adopted Celie's kids. The names of Celie’s kids are Adam and Olivia.

Mr. Albert was a man who was looking to marry another women because the one he had in the past, passed away. In this novel, he was a dynamic character. In the beginning, he was really rude to Celie & did not appreciate her much, he even criticized her. The only person he seemed to love was Shug Avery. He has changed through out the story because at the end he realized how much of a good friend Celie is.

Shug Avery is a famous singer who became very ill. She was a static character because she has not changed through out the story. The only thing that has changed about her was the way she acted towards Celie. At first she did not like her but when she was ill in bed, Celie was the one to take care of her & helped her with what ever she
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