The Color Purple Film Analysis

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La’Tasha Lee

Film Response


The Color Purple is one of those movies that you can watch an endless amount of times and find a new layer every time. The film adaptation of Alice Walker’s critically acclaimed novel stars Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Danny Glover. The storyline highlights the struggles and strife of Celie, a young black girl who is raped by her father repeatedly and conceives two children. Celie writes letters to God, documenting the hardships she faces.

Celie’s father is approached suddenly by Mister, who proposes to marry his daughter youngest daughter Nettie. Celie’s father rejects the offer but insists that he marry Celie instead. He warns that she is ugly and has had two children, but can help him care for his children and home. Mister accepts Celie as his wife and she returns to his home. Throughout their marriage, Celie continues to face violence including physical abuse and rape.

The most central theme that struck me is the power of unrelenting faith. Despite all of the turmoil that Celie faced, she continued to believe in the power of God. She talked to him throughout her life and it becomes evident that this relationship keeps her alive. She writes to God describing the time when she believes she saw her daughter Olivia in a fabric store. Even as she ages, she continues writing and conversing with God. Celie’s faith is also in the hope she possesses that Nettie is still alive and well. She holds onto the hope that even though
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