The Color Purple Literary Analysis

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For the black mother, motherhood learns exactly what is entailed in the acceptance of responsibility for a new life. The taking on new responsibility will accept of suffering, sacrifice and a lot of love. The present paper is a discussion of the sufferings have been the most suppressing challenges in the lives of African American women as depicted in two great novels, The Color Purple and Meridian by Alice Walker. Alice Walker is one of the most influential figures in the American literature. Her writings are widely influential among the Western culture to see the black female as mankind nor women. The patriarchal society has a negative attitude towards the images of motherhood. The hard circumstances of the Afro-American women are rarely taken seriously. She tries to debunk unrealistic expectations about the concepts of the black female as a weak character, uneducated and sexual object. She managed to find a solution and mutual understanding of the way women are depicted in the western culture to playing a passive role. She is struggling for a woman’s financial independence. Her works become an important change in the position of women in white society. Throughout her works, she portrayed mother as the victim of an uncaring the western culture. She dedicated her novels to helping the women who are deeply destructive the society.
Celie is the talent protagonist in The Color Purple. She has a normal and positive notion of the male-dominated society in order to

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