The Color Red In The Giver

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The scene that has been displayed in the painting or drawing shows and describes the color reds significance in The Giver. Which was the first-time Jonas “sees beyond” is when he notices an apple change in the form of changing color and starting to see specifically the color red. In Chapter 3 of The Giver, Jonas has unthinkingly picked up an apple from the snack basket and thrown it to his friend Asher in the recreation yard, who casually tosses it back to Jonas. However, on one toss, Jonas notices something odd about the apple: it changes, Jonas begins to see color. It personally was extremely important and significant to show this scene in color because in this exact moment Jonas is exposed to a new aspect of a new world that he will continue to discover and experience. Seeing color inspires Jonas, it also creates a sense of curiosity inside of him that there is so much more to the world, community, and life then he knows and what he's been taught. From this scene forward Jonas starts to…show more content…
It represents difference, and therefore emotion. Also, all the objects that are red or turn red are connected to deep emotions for Jonas. The apple changing color foreshadows later change for Jonas, and foreshadows his later experience with the feeling of love. Jonas feels a connection with Fiona from the start. When Jonas notices her hair, he recognizes that she is different noticing her hair color change and turn red. Finally, the red sled is a powerful memory. The sled being red connects another emotion, pain, to the feelings of love that are associated with the color red. Love is a strong emotion that can cause pain, although not the physical pain of the sled. While the people in the community do not see red, a strong emotion, or any other color, representative of other emotions, Jonas does see and he does feel. He realizes that to be human and explore, one must see and feel all emotions in life even if some are
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